So, CockpitFest is over for another year. Many thanks to the team at NAM for organising the event and to Mike Davey for making the arrangements for us. Thanks also to everyone who took time to visit XV490, browse the stalls or stop and chat. If you purchased BPAG merchandise, you have made a valuable contribution to our cause and we are very grateful for your support. If you are one of the many who freely offered donations in the shape of parts or components, information and advice, contact names or numbers etc, then you are a part of what makes this event so valuable and unique and we thank you for your generosity.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Mike Davey/BPAG task force found itself shorthanded during all three days and subsequently everyone on site had to work doubly hard. So, a round of applause goes to all our members and volunteers. Thank you all for your dedication. Here’s looking forward to CockpitFest22!