Latest Updates

Within the last two months significant work has progressed on ZE360 with both J79 engines removed and various bolts and panels removed prior to the airframes fuselage and wing split. Once these tasks have been completed, it is hoped that it won`t be too long after before ZE360 joins her sister ships at Cotswold Airport. Keep an eye out for updates on the BPAG Facebook pages.

BPAGs new home has over the last 6 months transformed into a workable site where the airframes present, 905 and 597, are now stored out of the elements. It is hoped that restoration work and visits to the site will start shortly. Keep an eye out for updates on the BPAG Facebook pages.

On a sweltering hot weekend of the 24th and 25th June, the BPAG team attended the annual Cockpit Fest at Newark Air Museum giving tours of XV490`s cockpit, selling BPAG merchandise and generally promoting the organisation as a whole. Despite the barmy hot weather, the weekend went very well and if you happened to pop by and/or even purchase a BPAG item or two, thank you very much for making a contribution to the cause. Look forward to seeing you there in 2024.