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Earlier this evening, XV582 ‘Black Mike’ rolled into RAF Cosford, becoming the first aircraft to arrive for the special RAF100 ground display at the RAF Cosford Airshow on Sunday 10th June 2018.

The British Phantom Aviation Group are extremely proud and honoured to be able to partake in the show. Our hardworking, dedicated team of volunteers have shown outstanding knowledge, skills and aptitude to make the move from RAF Leuchars happen and we look forward to working with RAF Cosford over the coming months and we are certain that the aircraft will be a great attraction as part of next year’s RAF100 static display.

Tickets for the airshow, which is promising to be a spectacular and interactive tribute to the Royal Air Force’s centenary, are already on sale via the event’s website-

As published elsewhere on the web, McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom XV582 ‘Black Mike’ has been saved from the clutches of the scrapman and is due to appear as part of the static display at the 2018 RAF Cosford Airshow.

This will involve moving the aircraft via road from its current location in Scotland and transporting it to its new temporary home, where the work can begin.

The latest news is that the BPAG engineering team arrived at RAF Leuchars yesterday and are making the final preparations ready for the aircraft to move to Cosford. Loading should begin tomorrow morning, all being well. We will be running regular updates on progress via Twitter and Facebook. Please feel free to drop by-