20/10/2021- 74 Sqn Print Signing.

21st of September saw a special event at Duxford’s American Air Museum, when three former 74(F) Squadron commanding officers reunited for a signing ceremony to raise funds for the ongoing restoration of Phantom F-4J(UK) ZE360. The 74(F) ‘Tiger’ Squadron Association brought together retired Air Marshall Cliff Spink and former Group Captains Dick Northcote and Graham Clarke to add their signatures to a run of limited edition reproductions of an original painting by Rob Johnson depicting ZE360 and ZE359 overflying RAF Wattisham.

A small number of these prints are still available and standard, non-signed versions will be offered soon. Contact Tony Clay at for more details.

20/09/2021- BOB Fly In thanks.

Saturday the 18th of September saw the BPAG roadshow roll into Cotswold Airport to attend the Battle Of Britain Vintage Fly-in. Although fielding a slightly stripped down version of our stand at Abingdon, the more intimate nature of the event, the quality of the display and a favourable location all meant our volunteers were kept busy. Despite much lower attendance than the last two events, we had a very successful day, enjoyed some great conversations with members of the public who were all very interested in our plans and happy to support us by purchasing merchandise. Thank you to everyone who stopped by.
Another useful aspect of these events is the chance to meet new, potential volunteers and this one did not disappoint on that front. It was wonderful to meet so many enthusiastic people who want to give up their time and talents to help restore and preserve our aircraft, we took many contact details and will be in touch in the near future. However, whilst not wishing to detract from anyone else we spoke to, one person does warrant special mention. The gentleman stood next to the seat is former Group Captain Laurie Hilditch, who- among his many other achievements- holds the distinction of being the last man to fly a Spey powered Phantom, when XT597 made its final flight on 28th January 1994. Mr Hilditch still has a great affection for 597 and will be working closely with us in the future. Watch this space.
This event will be our last public appearance for 2021, but we will be back next year, bigger and better. Once again, thank you to everyone who came and talked to us, offered their services or parted with their money to help us fund our projects. Finally, many thanks to our volunteers, John Bell, Paul West and Paul Wright for their hard work and dedication.

16/09/2021- Abingdon thanks.

Following a very successful presence at CockpitFest at Newark a couple of weeks ago, the BPAG ‘front of house’ team next took our stall and a selection of display items to the Abingdon Air and Country Show last weekend, which was an event we were attending for the very first time.

Held at the former RAF Abingdon and featuring a range of flying and static displays, it was a busy day with over 15,000 attendees. Thank you to everyone who dropped by the stall, it was great to meet you all. Many thanks also to our hard working volunteers and to the organisers of the show for the invitation. We will very much look forward to returning next year.

14/09/2021- Final Crowdfunder update.

Our crowdfunder campaign has now ended. The total raised was £16,558. Although short of the target, this is enough to ensure that the majority of the preparation work at Cotswold Airport can go ahead. We have other fundraising sources to pursue in the meantime, and we are confident that we can make up the shortfall. With a slight juggling of the timeframe, we will still achieve our aim.
Huge thanks go out to everyone contributed, your generosity has ensured that the UK Phantom Heritage Centre is on its way to becoming a reality and we are grateful for your faith in the BPAG. We will start fulfilling the rewards over the next couple of weeks, so if you claimed you should be hearing from us via crowdfunder soon.
Once again, our sincerest thanks to you all.

08/09/2021- Crowdfunder update.

The crowdfunder total today (September 8th) currently stands at £13,530 which is 54% of our target, with 5 days of the campaign still to go. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

We are pleased to say that we have secured a further supply of our supporter’s patch and this reward is now available again. Your pledge of £20 will get you a patch, an entry into our prize draw and also a certificate, signed by the BPAG chairman, acknowledging your support for the campaign. A great way to support our cause, just click here-

04/09/2021- Crowdfunder update.

The crowdfunder total today (September 4th) stands at £12755, which is 51% of our target, with 10 days of the campaign still to go. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.

There are plenty of rewards still to left be claimed- patches, signed books, signed prints, a chance to have your name displayed on an F-4 fin, tours of the Cosford Museum conservation centre etc. We can even help with your holiday plans for 2022.

Please check out our crowdfunder page here and help us secure a future for these iconic aircraft-

31/08/2021- CockpitFest thanks.

So, CockpitFest is over for another year. Many thanks to the team at NAM for organising the event and to Mike Davey for making the arrangements for us. Thanks also to everyone who took time to visit XV490, browse the stalls or stop and chat. If you purchased BPAG merchandise, you have made a valuable contribution to our cause and we are very grateful for your support. If you are one of the many who freely offered donations in the shape of parts or components, information and advice, contact names or numbers etc, then you are a part of what makes this event so valuable and unique and we thank you for your generosity.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Mike Davey/BPAG task force found itself shorthanded during all three days and subsequently everyone on site had to work doubly hard. So, a round of applause goes to all our members and volunteers. Thank you all for your dedication. Here’s looking forward to CockpitFest22!

26/08/2021- A special new crowdfunder reward.

We are delighted and honoured that artist Chris Draper (a member of the Guild Of Aviation Artists) will be producing an exclusive watercolour illustration for the BPAG crowdfunder. This will show XT597 and XT905 airborne on an imaginary flight in their fully restored colours. The original work is currently being created but the artist has allowed us to share his preliminary colour study, which is a rough sketch that shows the vision of the final piece.
These will all be signed by Laurie Hilditch and Jon Millo, who were XT597’s aircrew on its final flight (the last flight of any Spey powered Phantom) and are available in A3 size, on heavyweight authentic fine art paper and will be limited in numbers. You can claim one for yourself by pledging here-

25/08/2021- Crowdfunder update.

The crowdfunder total today (August 25th) stands at £9135, which is 36% of our target. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. The ‘Names On A Fin’ reward is gaining popularity and we have just added two more rare signed prints- SU27 Russian Knights and Tornado F.3 OCU- which are now up for grabs. We also have a special new reward coming tomorrow…
Follow this link to pledge now and help the UK Phantom Heritage Centre become a reality-

21/08/2021- Cotswold Airport BOB Fly-In.

Well, we know it’s not quite our era but we have been invited, so we are pleased to say that the BPAG will be attending the Battle Of Britain Fly-In at Cotswold Airport on Saturday 18th of September.

We will have our merch stall and a few Phantom related display items onsite and of course the BPAG crew will be available to chat to all you prop-driven types about proper aircraft…

We look forward to seeing you there. Check out the event details at the Cotswold Airport Facebook page-