Last weekend saw the BPAG back at Manston. The Universal Stand was stripped and hydraulics, rams and screw & worm drives inspected. On the aircraft itself, most of the last remainingĀ  pipe work and cabling were removed from D22 bay, D42 L&R accessed & engine side mounts released and D54 L&R also opened and side mounts surveyed. The generator bay, RAT and chaff dispenser compartments were also accessed. The chaff dispenser tray is missing as is the RAT itself, but the example we salvaged from XV411 should be a direct replacement. Finally, ZE360 has a new AOA probeĀ  courtesy of Peter Partridge, who kindly sourced and donated a replacement. Thanks go to our volunteers for their time, energy and assistance and to Polar Helicopters and Manston Airport for their continuing support.