Now that XT905 and XT597 have safely arrived at Cotswold Airport and the disassembly of ZE360 progressing nicely, it is time to turn our attention to the long term arrangements at the airfield and our plans for the future. We are therefore pleased to announce our intention to establish the UK Phantom Heritage Centre, which will be our combined HQ, workspace, visitor centre and museum at Cotswold Airport. However, the very nature of aircraft restoration and the space and facilities it requires to be done successfully means that this will be an expensive undertaking.

We have therefore today launched a crowdfunding campaign in order the support the work needed to get the project rolling and you can find details of the proposed plan and how you can help here-

We realise that what we are proposing is ambitious but we hope you will agree with us that it is worthwhile. We are in a position to make a significant contribution to the preservation of the UK’s aviation history. With the success of our previous projects, the BPAG have proven that we have the skills, knowledge and motivation to make it happen, but this time around we need the finances. We therefore ask you to consider donating to this campaign and as a result help to secure a future for our projects and keep the history and memories of these iconic aircraft- and the people who flew and maintained them- alive. Not just for all the current generations but also for those yet to come.

Thank you.