We are saddened to report that the scrapman is due to arrive in Dec 2020 to remove the remains of FGR.2 XV411 from DFDTC Manston. The aircraft was used in live fire training exercises numerous times and for the past few years could only really be described as a derelict airframe. Despite this fact, it is always a shame to see a mighty Phantom pass away.

However, the aircraft will live on in a small way through the BPAG as we have been allowed to recover as much as would be useful to us from the airframe during its last few days. This ended up including the fin and a multitude of internal components that are still in restorable condition. Although in rough shape, the fin is intact and will be repaired and preserved for future display.

Sincere thanks go to Richard Murray, owner of Spey Bay Salvage for allowing us this opportunity.