As well as being the centenary of the RAF, 2018 is also the 30th anniversary of one of its record setting achievements. On February 24th 1988, XV582 (in its pre-Black Mike guise with 43 Squadron) set a world record for the fastest time between John O’Groats and Land’s End of 46 minutes and 44 seconds. 30 years on from this achievement, the British Phantom Aviation Group (BPAG) reunited the aircrew from that day with the aircraft in order to celebrate this anniversary. This event took place at RAF Cosford on 12th August 2018.

Paul Wright, Chairman of the BPAG, commented- “We are proud and happy to finally bring back together XV582, pilot John Brady and navigator Michael Pugh for the first time since their record setting flight, over 30 years ago. To hear their recollections and stories of that day first hand was truly wonderful and inspiring. Today’s event is made more poignant as it takes place during a year that has seen the aircraft displayed to the public once again and its future secured. We would like to thank RAF Cosford and, in particular, WO Steve Brown for providing us with the facilities to host today’s event, which will be the final appearance of the aircraft at Cosford before it moves to a new home”